Miami Power Wheels has been delivering top-quality service to residents in Florida and beyond for over a decade. Our family-owned business was established in 2006, and we have been providing quality accessories and car components to customers since then. No matter where you live or whether or not you’re a new customer, we invite you to our shop to see what we have to offer.

With glowing customer reviews like “very professional,” “excellent customer service,” “efficient” and “highly knowledgeable,” you get an indication that you’ll be treated like a friend when you visit our shop for service. You will never be just a name and number. While we get new customers on a regular basis, we also like to maintain customer bonds for life. As evidenced by the fact that we have customers who’ve been coming back year after year, it’s apparent that we stand out among car customization shops for our high level of customer service and satisfaction. Our expert staff, who is trained to make fast, efficient, and effective modifications and alterations to your vehicle, can explain the advantages or disadvantages of outfitting your vehicle with a certain component. We can also give you a price range for the parts in question and help you find a component and price that makes you, your car, and your wallet happy

As an inclusive repair shop, we invite anyone into our store who needs vehicle parts replaced, repaired, or swapped out. No matter whether you’re an auto enthusiast or you need to get a part replaced following an accident, we welcome everyone into our shop. Our clientele even includes celebrities, artists, athletes, and other prominent figures. Even if you’re not a celebrity, however, we take pride in providing exceptional service to everyone. Along with extending our elite customer service to you when you visit our auto shop, your vehicle will also be given the highest possible level of care. Our detail-oriented mechanics are specialists in working with a variety of makes and models. Your exotic sports car, racing car, vintage automobile, and anything else you drive will get the care it deserves in our mechanics’ hands. As car lovers themselves, our careful technicians understand the unique needs of higher-end luxury vehicles, and they’ll go the extra mile to provide superior care. At our customization shop, you’ll have the advantage of expert mechanics working on your vehicle, and your car will also leave outfitted with suitable replacements designed with durability, quality, and compatibility in mind.

You probably already know that you can visit our shop for custom parts and upgrades. But we also offer repairs for your vehicle. If you’ve been involved in a collision, we can restore your vehicle to its original condition by making the necessary fixes. Our mechanics are also adept at servicing other types of motorized items, including motorcycles. So if you’ve been thinking that you’d like to enhance your motorcycle with custom parts and accessories as well, give us a call to see what we offer.

You can go anywhere for car parts, accessories, and custom upgrade options, but only at Miami Power Wheels will you find service that stands out from the crowd. With a staff of highly-trained, expert mechanics ready to work on your car, we have the skills, parts, and tools necessary to customize your car in every way possible. Feel free to stop in to talk to us in person about your automotive needs, or call us at your convenience to learn more. We will gladly order custom parts for your car if we don’t already have them in stock. Rest assured that there is no modification too big, small, or exotic for our shop to handle.

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