Wheels, Tires & Suspension

Sometimes, the wheels, tires, and suspension system that come factory-installed aren’t quite what your car needs. Fortunately, we offer products and solutions that can modify, correct, or replace these components to give you a vehicle that turns heads, provides better handling and traction, or makes your rides more comfortable and enjoyable.

Here is a list of products we provide to enhance your car’s suspension system, tires, and wheels:

  • Rims
  • Tires

  • Lift Kits

  • Leveling kits
  • Lowering kits

Car rims come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Now, you can buy a car (or get it custom-ordered) with alloy, chrome, and even gold-plated rims. Some rims are finished with paint and a protective coat to deter scuffs and general signs of wear, too. Rims span a wide range of sizes, which is usually 15 inches to 28 inches. Since the types of rims you have can affect your car’s steering, performance, and handling, we recommend consulting a staff member to figure out which rim is right for your car based on your end goals for aesthetics and performance. At one point, car rims were made almost exclusively of steel. Today, steel remains one of the cheapest and most durable options for car rims. But steel is also one of the heaviest materials used for rims, which means it’s not the most practical choice if you’re looking to enhance speed and performance. Steel weighs more than alloy and about three times more than aluminum. There are many other unique options for accenting your rims too, including getting rims that spin (either while the car is going or briefly after it has stopped) and rims decorated with color.


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Like rims, you can get a variety of wheels for your vehicle, too. As with rims, tires can be custom-ordered to change your car’s appearance or provide better function for your driving needs. Some of the most popular kinds of tires are all-season, which are great for driving in a variety of conditions. Touring tires are lighter-weight wheels that are a practical choice for a mild climate. Touring tires typically have higher speed ratings and can improve your vehicle’s performance. Performance tires, as the name implies, are designed with performance in mind. They have even higher speed ratings than touring tires. Performance tires also have a unique tread design that gives them better traction and grip going around corners and on wet roads. Summer tire are designed for use in warm weather. They are lighter-weight than most tires and feature responsive handling in wet and dry conditions. Track and competition tires, which are the cream of the crop if you’re looking for performance tires, have a unique construction that makes them well-suited for extreme performance, track racing, and street racing. These tires are DOT-approved, but they are not designed for daily driving. If you are part of a racing series, just ask us about your tire options, as we can recommend tires that adhere to series regulations and bylaws. Along with these tires designed for road travel, our staff can help you choose tires suitable for off-road adventures, too.

Another performance-enhancing accessory is a lift kit. A lift kit is a popular option for modifying a pickup truck or an SUV. A lift kit gives your car greater ground clearance. It also changes the breakover, departure, and approach angles. With a lift kit, your vehicle will be able to support larger tires and wheels, too.

Leveling kits are another category of ride-enhancing products we offer. Trucks come directly from the factory with some level of “ rake” in their suspension system. This makes the front end of the car sit lower than the back end. A leveling kit simply lifts up the front end to make it more even with the back end. Most people choose to level their cars for aesthetic purposes. But leveling your ride can also give it greater ground clearance and enable it to support larger tires. The advantage of getting a leveling kit is that you won’t sacrifice payload.

If you want a vehicle that rides lower to the ground, we can use a lowering kit to make that change. Lowering kits are designed for people who are more concerned with performance and handling than tackling off-road terrain. A lowering kit reduces your vehicle’s ground clearance, which in turn lowers its center of gravity. This makes the vehicle easier to drive and reduces its likelihood of rolling. A lowering kit also gives your truck a tougher and sportier look. Although a lowering kit alone will improve your vehicle’s handling and cornering, pairing a lowering kit with other alterations, such as getting wider tires or tires with more grip, will enhance your vehicle’s performance capabilities even more.

If you’re looking to take your car’s performance to the next level, our list of premium products will help. Raising your vehicle’s height with an off-road lift kit will help you journey into areas where greater ground clearance is essential to avoid getting stuck or ruining your car. Lowering your car with a lowering kit makes it more agile. An assortment of rims and tires can give your car a new appearance and improve the quality of your drives. No matter what you’re looking for, let us know what kind of car you drive and your end modifications goal. Our mechanics will work with you to make the best selection.

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