Auto Accessories

Whether your car has been involved in an accident or you’ve decided it is time to upgrade its appearance, we have a number of auto accessories that can give it a new look. Some amenities, like covers, protect it from the elements, too.

Here’s an overview of what products you might find in our stock:

  • Front and back bumpers
  • Nerf bars
  • Running boards
  • Intakes and exhaust systems
  • Tonneau covers

If your car needs replacement bumpers, let us know. Our shop carries a variety of foreign and domestic bumpers designed to fit a variety of vehicles. We provide bumpers designed to replace those that came with your car direct from the factory. These parts, which mirror the original parts, are called original equipment manufacturer (OEM). However, you may also be able to find aftermarket bumpers, which cost less and may offer an equally precise fit. Some people, however, change out their bumpers if they are looking for a different style or material. A bumper can dramatically alter the look of your vehicle by giving it a sportier, sleeker, or more elegant appearance. Some automakers offer several styles of bumper, which gives you some choices for upgrading your car without losing its signature brand appearance. If you’re looking to shed weight and get a leaner, more aerodynamic vehicle, consider switching over to fiberglass or carbon fiber bumpers instead. For a complete exterior look, you have the choice of getting new doors, spoilers, and fenders to complete your vehicle’s updated appearance. Since bumpers are such a popular item, you’ll find them at many car customization shops.

Auto Accessories
intakes and exhaust system

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Nerf bars are another auto accessory that we offer. Nerf bars are similar to running boards, which is another accessory in our collection. However, there are some key differences between the two. Nerf bars are placed along the outside of the vehicle. They are designed to provide safer, easier access when entering and exiting the cabin. They also protect your car from damage if you get hit from the side while racing. Nerf bars are steps that make it easier to step up into the cabin. They vary in length to match a variety of vehicle types. Some are a simple single-foot design, while others are elongated steps that extend from the front wheels to the back wheels. Running boards, on the other hand, are essentially longer nerf bars. They are popular additions on pickup trucks and SUVs. While nerf bars can have either a step-style design or an oval shape, running boards have an oval design. Both are available in several different finishes, including black-polished and chrome, to either complement your vehicle’s appearance or give it a unique contrasting look. Running boards and nerf bars come in a variety of materials too, including stainless steel and carbon.

Other auto accessories that we offer are intakes and exhaust systems. If you’re looking to modify your vehicle for performance purposes, upgrading the air intakes and exhaust system is the way to go. Both amenities can be custom-ordered to ensure a precise fit and meet your specific performance needs. Air intakes are important performance enhancers for their ability to boost engine power and torque. Simultaneously, they are designed to cool the engine and keep its components from overheating. This improves your car’s power capacity and extends the engine’s lifespan. An updated air intake system can also improve fuel economy and fine-tune the engine’s performance. Swapping out your car’s original exhaust system for a higher-performing system will extend the engine’s lifespan and boost its performance potential. There are two types of exhaust systems that you can get for an upgrade. They fall into the general categories of pre-fabricated and custom-made exhaust systems. Pre-fabricated exhaust systems (sometimes called OEM systems) are designed primarily for performance and efficiency. They are popular choices for street racing. Custom exhaust systems, on the other hand, are highly efficient and useful for a variety of applications. They are also suitable additions to pickup trucks and SUVs for those who want to tow heavier loads without wearing out the engine. Once you have an upgraded air intake and exhaust system in place, you can fine-tune your engine to make sure it is fully equipped to offer optimal performance.

Another amenity you’ll find in our inventory is the tonneau cover. Tonneau covers come in a variety of styles, including roll-up, retractable, soft-folding, and hard-top. They are designed to keep precious cargo protected in the back of your truck. They also offer a hardy surface that doubles as a floor for transporting bicycles, surfboards, and other equipment. Tonneau covers are available in a number of finishes to match your truck’s appearance. Some finishes include semi-gloss, painted, matte black, and vinyl grain. Many tonneau covers are also waterproof or water-resistant to protect your truck bed and cargo from the elements. Tonneau covers are also offered by a number of brands, which gives you plenty of diversity when making a final decision.

If you’re looking to maximize your vehicle’s performance potential, we have the solution. Ask about our options for improving your car’s performance capabilities by upgrading the air intake or exhaust system. We also provide truck bed covers to protect your truck and its cargo, while our side-assist steps make your vehicle more adept for racing or working.

Take a look at our Auto Accessories Showcase page to see our custom work in action.