Lighting, Sound, and Security Components

In addition to parts like lift kits and lowering kits, we offer components to enhance the interior of your car, too. Products you’ll find in this category include:

  • LED/HID lights
  • LED light bars
  • Radios
  • Speakers
  • Alarm systems

If there’s one exterior feature that can really make your vehicle stand out from the pack, it’s your choice of lighting elements. Fortunately, we have a variety of LED lights and HID lights, both of which are ultra-visible, for you to choose from. Increasingly, LED lights are replacing traditional incandescent bulbs, even on some base-level trims. But if your car doesn’t come standard with LED lights, or if you want to add even more for a complete lighting package, let us provide assistance. We can install a variety of LED lighting elements, including LED bulbs and daytime running lights, which boost your car’s safety ratings and make it more visible. Daytime running lights also give your car a more stylish appearance. Halo rings, which come in an assortment of colors, are designed to give your vehicle an even more dramatic appearance. You have a choice of single-colored lights or rainbow-colored lights that change colors as you drive. Some halo lights come with daytime running lights, too. LED light bars, which come in single, double, triple, and quad-row designs, are another good option for enhancing your car’s appearance. They add style to your car and illuminate areas to the front and sides that standard lights can’t always reach. HID lights, also called xenon lights, produce more light and less heat than halogen bulbs. They create a blue-white light, which distinguishes them from other types of headlights. Xenon lights are popular for their longevity and minimal power consumption.

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If you appreciate good sound quality, you will benefit from upgrading your car’s sound system. Installing our speakers and radio components will help. As with other types of car accessories, there are many kinds of speakers and sound system parts available for your car. If you are planning to enhance your vehicle’s sound system, you can upgrade to larger speakers, speakers with better sound quality, and speakers of different shapes. When switching out your speakers, the first thing to think about is whether or not you want to change the visual appearance of your speakers or keep the original OEM look. If you don’t know your car’s speaker size, you can make a good estimate based on shape. Oval speakers and round speakers are the two most common shapes. You’ll then need to know if your car speakers have a coaxial or component design. This is important, as you’ll want to get speakers with the same type of design when you look for replacements. Component speakers are more common in newer vehicles.

Another decision to consider when getting new speakers is the drivers you want to have. Speakers usually have two or three drivers, which may include mid-range, tweeters, super-tweeters, and woofers. If you’re not satisfied with the sound quality currently in your car, ask us about the replacement options available to provide the sound you want. Mounting depth, power handling, and sensitivity are all specs to look for. There are also a variety of radios available to improve your vehicle’s sound quality. Whether you’re replacing your car’s archaic dashboard-mounted sound system or simply looking to add new technology like Bluetooth compatibility, phone-syncing capabilities, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, or other audio accessories, upgrading to a new radio is a good solution. As with speakers, we can help you find a radio that matches your vehicle’s décor and gives it better sound quality.


While lighting and sound systems improve your ride quality, a new security system can enhance your car’s safety profile. Sometimes, a factory-installed alarm system isn’t enough to afford your car the protection it deserves. If you have an older vehicle, you might not have an adequate alarm system to prevent it from theft and break-ins. An alarm system can also add to a car’s personality. Rigging your truck with a high-security sound system, for instance, adds to its “tough” appearance. Plus, you can even qualify for insurance reductions if your car is equipped with more safety features. This is especially true if you live in a city or an urban area, where the likelihood of car theft is greater than in rural locations. Now, you can find an alarm system that gives you remote access to your vehicle. By pairing your alarm system with your phone or even a watch, you can get updates on your car’s location and status in real-time. It’s easy to modify an alarm system using OEM or aftermarket parts. Some auto security systems add certain features to your existing alarm system, such as adding the ability to control and monitor your car remotely. Others require more complex changes like swapping out the standard door locks. You can even find alarm systems with custom options to turn off the alarm at certain times, such as if a family member or friend is borrowing the car for the evening. You may also find alarm systems that accept several different codes. This gives access to select drivers. Some security systems connect with your vehicle’s safety system to provide peace of mind on the road. For instance, a security system can also detect when your vehicle is in a crash and send a signal for emergency assistance.

While accenting your car’s exterior gives it a more dramatic appearance and can change its performance capabilities, an interior upgrade makes your car safer, more comfortable, and more fun to drive.


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