Car Customization Service

Car customization is a premium service that allows car owners to upgrade every aspect of their vehicles. There are all sorts of customizations because even a stock restoration is essentially a custom service that requires fabrication skills and innovative techniques.

Most drivers focus on restoring their vehicles, improving the performance, or improving the character or aesthetical appeal with visual enhancements. The visual enhancements may be as subtle as a badgeless grille or as pronounced as a flashy custom paint job and aggressive racer body kit.

Regardless of what you may have in mind, the pros at our car customization shop have the talent, tools, and training to get the job done right the first time. Don’t settle for second best or empty promises when you are shopping for skilled labor.

Although swapping out a set of wheels may seem simple, there is a lot more to it than you’d imagine. Wheels can be customized with chrome finishes, paint, painted accents, and even designer decals.

Furthermore, when you install a new set of wheels, you have to consider how it will affect the suspension, alignment, steering, and tires. It is hard to make any modifications on your vehicle because the engineering of a stock vehicle is carefully balanced for the right mix of virtues.

You tend to take away from the reliability when you make steps into high performance. A simpler system that operates at lower RPMs will experience less wear and tear but will also output far less power and performance. Let’s consider some popular customizations below.

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Repainting and Body Mods

When you are well invested in a vehicle, you want to restore the showroom finish. You may also want your vehicle to stand apart from factory standard models by adding some special body components.

This can be as subtle as a new lip or as radical as a complete body kit that transforms your vehicle into something exotic. Regardless of what you choose, you should always expect the best work without compromise.

Suspension Upgrades

It is extremely popular for auto owners to install suspension upgrades. Whether they decide to install adaptive dampers or stiff sports suspension for racing and beefed up springs, there are a lot of options out there. Having the flexibility to dial in the ideal ride with an air suspension system can help you to conquer any kind of terrain.

For a pickup truck, you will truly feel like the king of the road with adjustable lift and suspension kits. For cars, the owners usually want their cars lowered slightly to improve the handling and reduce body roll in the turns. A lower center of gravity and a thick sway bar is all that is needed to turn any vehicle into a road racer.

Window Tinting

The new window tints on the market block infrared radiation and can be put on in a thin nano-ceramic coating. When you choose a clear tint, you can skirt local tint laws and still enjoy the protection from elevated interior temperatures, UV-radiation, and glare. Of course, the traditional tints are still popular for that blacked-out appearance that conveys a sense of style and importance.

Upgraded Custom Exhaust and Cold Air Intakes

Because the engine is a giant air pump, your biggest performance gains come from increasing the airflow. Imagine if you had to breathe out of a straw all day. It would certainly get frustrating and make you tired. When you open up the intake and exhaust with a cold air intake and custom high-flow exhaust system, you can get the most horsepower out of your engine and improve fuel economy.

Statement Wheels

Most drivers love to add big alloy wheels to their vehicles. Bold and intricately styled wheels make a statement that your vehicle is an elite model. And when the wheels are customized with special chroming techniques or paint, this adds an additional layer of beauty and value.

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