Auto Detailing and Body Shop Services

If your vehicle has recently been involved in an accident or it simply needs a little TLC, contact Miami Power Wheels for more information on auto repairs and bodywork. Our shop is staffed with some of the most experienced professionals in the area. We can take care of any level of repair or detailing. Regardless of what make and model of automobile you own, we are confident that you’ll be happy with the results that we provide.

What is Auto Detailing?
There is a lot of work that goes into the process of auto detailing. Many people assume that their vehicle is going to look beautiful forever. In reality, there will be changes that you want to have done. Repairs will be needed after an accident occurs that leaves behind cosmetic and structural damage. In order to keep your vehicle in top shape, we encourage you to bring your vehicle into our shop for any work that needs to be done. Taking care of an issue right away will prevent further damage from occurring to your automobile, and our customization options will take your vehicle to the next level.

Car Customization
Our location provides you the opportunity to truly make your vehicle your own. You can customize your ride to include different light bars, upgraded wheels, suspension, and accessories. You can change up your door handles, headlights and so much more. There may even be something unique you’ve come up with that you need help making a reality. That’s where the expertise of our staff comes in.

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Wheels and Tires
Nothing makes your vehicle stand out more than customized wheels and tires. At Miami Power Wheels, we can help improve upon the aesthetics of your vehicle, but we also want to pay close attention to performance. In many cases, we can improve the efficiency of your vehicle with a custom set of wheels and tires. Increasing the diameter of your tire is often what works best. If you haven’t customized your vehicle before, it can be difficult to make the right choices. Allow us to walk you through the process. We can make a number of recommendations that will fit the style of your automobile without compromising its quality or value. In fact, the changes that we make will often increase the value long term.

We frequently run specials and provide discounts to make our services more affordable for our clients in the Miami area. Our services are priced very competitively, but the results of our work can’t be beaten by competition in the area. You can view our website and social media accounts for more information, or you can give us a call to see what we’re currently offering.

Our auto shop is well equipped to handle all kinds of automobile work. Our work is done quickly, but we make sure the job is done right before we hand your vehicle back over to you. We look forward to having you back in the future, but we don’t anticipate having to work on the same issue or job twice. The level of customer service that we hold ourselves to is something our clients rave about.

Our Website
We encourage you to check out our website for more information on our shop. We have videos and photos of the work that we’ve done, so you can see the quality of work that we’ve been providing to the Miami area for years now. Follow us on social media Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

Give Miami Power Wheels a call if you have any questions regarding our customization or repair services. We would be happy to bring your vehicle in for an estimate. You can trust that your vehicle is in good hands when you drop it off with us. We know you take great pride in your vehicle, and we will do our best to provide you with the services that you need.