How to Choose Custom Wheels and Tires

Have you been wishing to give your vehicle a new look, while at the same time improving its performance? How about you purchase some custom wheels and tires at your nearest car store? Buying a new set of wheels, with different designs and modifications will drastically improve the look of your vehicle. Custom made wheels and tires will work best if you want to increase the diameter of the wheel of your car, increase the tire width or you want to boost the strength of your car or truck.

Custom Wheels and Tires
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The Benefits and Perks

Some benefits come with purchasing a new set of custom-made tires and wheels. One of these reasons is that these new wheels and tires will enhance the overall look of your truck, SUV, or car. This works best for people who desire a change, and want their vehicles to stand out from other vehicles. You can choose from a diverse range of wheels options in the car market and you are sure to get what you desire for your type of vehicle.

Also, you can choose to have your wheels and tires customized for increased safety. A broader set of wheels and tires on your car can work to provide security for the driver and passengers. The bigger the wheels and tires, the firmer the vehicle’s traction will be on the road. Bigger tires and wheels will also improve the handling, as well as the stopping power, and this will make you feel safe as you drive through different types of roads.

Vehicle owners, who want to sell off their vehicles, can increase the vehicle resale value by adding a new set of custom wheels and tires. This improvement will enhance the vehicle’s look, and in the end, attract potential buyers, and you can comfortably sell the car at your desired price. New custom-made wheels and tires are an affordable investment that can completely change the outlook of your vehicle, SUV, or truck. Some car shops will give you a discount on a new set of tires and wheels for under $1,000.

What to consider when choosing new wheels and tires

There are things you need to consider before you go shopping for custom wheels and tires. They include:

  • You will need to ensure that the wheels and tires you choose are specific to your vehicle model, make, year, and the colour of your vehicle. Doing all that will help in narrowing down your choices, and help you make the right decision.

  • You will also need to consider the safety of the vehicle after you decide to choose a new set of wheels and tires. For security, you need to consider the overall diameter, which should clear the suspension parts, braking components, and suspension parts of the vehicle. You will also need to look at the offset and backspace, and ensure that it is well set and that it does not interfere with the vehicle’s body and steering components.

  • There are plenty of wheel and tire sizes available for purchase. It would help if you decided whether you want to plus or minus size your wheels. Plus sizing helps to increase the diameter of your wheels, while at the same time decreasing the tire-sidewall profile. This will match the tire diameter that your vehicle manufacturer recommends. The minus sizing works better for a taller sidewall.

  • You will also need to look at the type of bolt patterns. Your new set of custom-made wheels and tires need to match your bolt patterns so that it fits your vehicle correctly.

  • The tire and pressure monitoring system is also essential. You need to ensure that it is compatible, and the TPMS is reset after installing new wheels.

Custom Wheels and Tires  – The bottom line

If you are considering purchasing a new set of custom-made wheels and tires, you can talk to our team of experts at Miami Power Wheels Auto Shop. We will help you with wheel and tire sizes and shapes and will advise you accordingly. Call us with your questions we are ready to help you and please follow us on our Instagram page to see our quality of work.

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