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All of us love the thought of having our ride as sharp as possible, especially on hot Miami summer days. One sure way to make your car look its best and keep it cool is with our Suntek automotive window tinting. You know our reputation for working with the best accessories available, right?

Not only will window tint transform your car or truck instantly, but when you take the time to make your vehicle looks its best, you should take the time to make it as safe as possible, too. We protect all glass surfaces, including the windshield, rear window glass, and side windows.

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Benefits of Window Tinting by Miami Power Wheels

A little known benefit that is very important with today’s high-tech cars is our metal-free ceramic or carbon film technology that keeps your GPS, satellite radio, or mobile phone signals interference-free.

  • Quality tint keeps your car cooler in the hot sun and year-round in sunny climates like Miami and other south Florida cities.
  • You may not realize how much glare affects your driving on sunny days. The bright sun can make your eyes grow tired quickly. A good tint helps minimize that effect.
  • Quality window film blocks harmful UV rays. The rays cause various health issues such as melanoma skin cancer, cataracts, and even noticeable premature skin aging.
  • You may already know how a tinted car window helps hide items inside, especially in the back seat. It’s also harder to see people inside with good tint.
    Another overlooked feature is less fuel consumption because your AC doesn’t have to run continuously when the interior is kept cooler with less effort.
  • More protection from UV rays means you won’t have the faded and cracked dashboard caused by excessive sun exposure, and the interior will keep its original color longer.
  • Remember that the best window film has an adhesive backing layer that helps prevent the glass from shattering in an accident or other cause of glass breakage.

Types of Window Tinting

Automotive window tinting has come a long way over the years. The early days of window film never had any of the features you see today. Thanks to technology and a real desire to help people, window film has evolved into a safe and effective way to make your vehicle look fabulous and offer a high level of comfort and safety, too. Here are more features you’ll find in modern window tinting, only from Miami Power Wheels.

Ceramic Tint

You will be pleased to know that many consider ceramic window tinting as the best money can buy. Regular window film receives a coating of ceramic particles that helps reflect the sun, reducing the effects of UV rays, glare from the sun, and of course, the heat.

No metal particles exist in the ceramic tint, making it perfect for GPS, mobile phones, or other electronics because they offer no signal interference.

Carbon Tint

Carbon particles and regular tint mixed form a non-metal film reflecting more heat than metalized films have a unique matte finish and won’t mess with your mobile phone or GPS signal.

Dyed Metal Tint High-Performace Series

Metallic window film helps reduce solar energy and it creates a shiny, mirrored appearance to the window. We understand some people choose it for that reason and others for aesthetic reasons such as the various colors available.

Dyed Charcoal Tint

Available in the Standard Pro or Standard Series, these films have a matte finish that’s non-reflective and dyed to a charcoal color. This film reduces UV rays by at least ninety-eight percent.

Mirror Tint

Mirror tint is a sleek, sophisticated mirrored film with all-metal nichrome construction. Mirror tint is a truly custom treatment that transforms ordinary glass into a highly reflective surface visible only from the outside. The appearance from the inside of the vehicle is normal.

Need Help Selecting Your Tint?

Call or simply pass by our custom auto shop and we will help select the right window tint for your vehicle, we only use top of the line materials from SunTek Automotive Films