If you’re interested in finding new rims and wheels, you must choose the best. With many different brands and styles out there, it’s hard to pick just one. However, some wheel brands rise above and beyond the regular options.

Miami Power Wheels only offers the best options for rims and wheels. Here are the top six aftermarket wheel brands for 2021! If you’ve got any questions about our selection of rims and wheels, please call us for assistance.

Vossen Wheels

VossenVossen wheels are designed to cut the weight while increasing the strength of the wheels. The brand does that with its advanced casting process. This creates the flow-forming wheel. With that, Vossen wheels allow for different wheel widths for every design it carries. Therefore, you get the perfect wheel to fit your car. 

These are highly popular wheels and rims, and we have them in stock. Plus, most of them are engineered right here in Miami! You know you’re getting a great deal!

Asanti Wheels

Asanti Wheels

The Asanti brand focuses on blending together trendsetting finishes and exquisite looks. That way, you have the best forged wheels available today. There are various series available, such as off-road, black label, custom, and legacy. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what vehicle you want to trick out; you can find something that looks great.

Many of them also feature removable logos and billet rings so that you can make them your own. This brand brings luxury to a new level with unique designs so that you’re completely satisfied.


FORGIATOFrom its humble beginnings as a caster-wheel importer, Forgiato has become a titan for luxury wheel and rim manufacturing. The brand has stayed committed to innovation and pushing for excellence within the aftermarket wheel industry.

Forgiato is located in Los Angeles, CA, so it’s an American-made brand. Plus, the design, cut, and finishes are all superior to other brands, especially those made overseas. It offers many styles and options with a commitment to being efficient and effective. That way, you see unmatched quality from US assembling and American-made parts.


TSW WheelsTSW knows that nothing sets your vehicle apart like custom, distinctive wheels and rims. It helps you make a bold statement. With that, you can choose the right size, finish, and design from its huge collection of aftermarket wheels, all made of light alloy. 

These wheels are remarkable and come with uncompromised quality, advanced materials, and precision engineering. This is the only way to get a stunning design. 

Ruff Wheels

ruff wheelsRuff Wheels is another quality brand. It offers an extensive aftermarket background since the 1970s. With that, it has created eye-catching designs and listens to what its customers want. It includes various sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find something that meets your needs and makes your vehicle pop.

BC Forged

When you want quality, you look to BC Forged for assistance. It offers wheels and rims with an outstanding finish. They’re hand-brushed to add an extra bit of style and finesse to the vehicle. Plus, it’s located right in Florida. That means your beautiful rims are made in America and ready for action!

Choose the Best Car Wheels and Rims Brands from Miami Power Wheels

At Miami Power Wheels, we’ve got the best selection of rims and wheels in the area. If you want a great pair of aftermarket wheels or rims, please come to our location to see our stock.

We carry the best rims possible, and they come at affordable prices. That means you have access to inexpensive rims that drive and look great. To learn more, please call us today! We’re here for you and can help you pick the right products!

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