Sound and Security For Your Vehicle

Take your elite auto to the next level with custom lighting, sound, and security systems. At Miami Power Wheels, we specialize in sourcing and installing state-of-the-art equipment to make your ride epic. We keep up with all the latest trends to ensure that you have all the premium products at your disposal. Our focus is on building clean custom installations that blend in with your factory equipment. If you are in the market for upgrades, let us assess, design, and execute the ideal accessory package to complement your performance automobile.

Custom Lighting

When it comes to safety and making your vehicle visible at night, there is nothing like LED/HID lights to illuminate your path. LED lighting has the advantage of coming in a vast array of colors and lasting for decades. The luminosity of LED lighting is clear and powerful. Finding a creative design that complements your vehicle and fits in with the factory finish is our job.

We can install ambient interior lighting that changes to fit your mood or LED light bars that accent your grille, roof, or rear bumper. However, we suggest installing full High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting to increase visibility to near daytime levels when driving at night. No matter what LED/HID lights you decide upon, we are here to make your vision a realization.

Custom Sound

Ditching the factory car stereo is the best upgrade you’ll ever make. People love bass and thumping subwoofers that provide your exotic auto with presence to match its celebrity looks. A custom car audio system usually starts out with premium speakers, amplifiers, and custom cabinets to install them. J&L is a leading manufacturer of high-end audio systems that most pros use exclusively in elite autos.

Installing a system that has tweeters, woofers, and subwoofers will bring out the clarity of your favorite songs. There are so many nuances that are hidden when a substandard audio system blends the signal to produce a uniform sound. Feel the bass and experience the detail of a high-quality auto audio installation that will rival the in-house sound systems of most bars and clubs. Create your own concert hall on wheels and take that next rave and get together by the beach to audio paradise.

We can also upgrade your system with all the latest Bluetooth, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay interfaces. This allows you to synchronize your Smart Phone with your audio system, navigation, texting, and hands-free calling. Use voice commands to switch on features and control your infotainment console.

Custom Security

Owning an exotic or luxury automobile can be taxing on your nerves when you are uncertain about the safety of the neighborhood. There are over 700,000 car thefts a year in the United States. Exotic vehicles that have a lot of value can be prime targets. Unless you have a state-of-the-art security system to track your vehicle in the event it is stolen, you are risking a serious loss.

Let Miami Power Wheels install high-end alarm systems that will alert you with a cellular message whenever someone gets too close to your vehicle. These systems will also immobilize your vehicle, flash lights, and use audible anti-theft signals that are known to deter thieves. No matter what system you decide upon, you will thank yourself later for stopping by at Miami Power Wheels for all your automotive needs.

Sound and Security For Your Vehicle done right!  Stop by our shop and customize your vehicle today.