Here at Miami Power Wheels, we love being one of the most well-known, easily recognizable auto shops in the area. We love serving South Florida citizens in all their customization and auto body needs. There’s truly nothing we love more.

However, something we love almost as much: Getting to admire and sell some of the most stunning, highly-crafted automotive parts and accessories on the market today. American Force Wheels are one example.

What Are American Force Wheels?

American Force Wheels (AFW) first opened its doors in 1995 as a small, local manufacturer of wheels in Miami. Owned and operated by Ray Shadravan, the company started out building custom wheels for small sport vehicles. However, in 2003, Shadravan decided that building custom wheels for trucks was more lucrative.

Shadravan then hired his friend Robert Martell to help him in his new venture, and before long, the company was putting out some of the most innovative, highly-crafted wheels for 3/4-ton and 1-ton truck conversions. These were stunning and like nothing, the truck community had ever seen.

What Makes Them Great?

AFW quickly became the leader of the custom truck wheels industry. Its wheels provide the ultimate balance of function and style. Not only do AF wheels look amazing, but they’re also heavy-duty, durable and long-lasting.

Another thing that sets AFW apart from its competitors is that every single wheel made by the company is a custom job. There’s no inventory; you can’t just walk in and buy something hanging on the wall. If you’re purchasing an AFW product, you’re first going to sit down with a specialist, tell him everything you need and only then will your wheel be created.

Because the wheels are 100% customized to your tastes, they’ll be exactly what you’ve envisioned them to be. Additionally, they’ll also deliver the performance you expect and deserve.

About the Wheels

American Force Wheels Miami

Again, every aspect of an American Force wheel is custom-designed to fit the customer’s needs and desires. This means every wheel is a little different. However, there are some common varieties from which customers can choose to start the design process.

There are bolt-on wheels in both 19- and 19.5-inch sizes. These wheels are bolted on directly and require no modifications to your truck’s suspension. Larger varieties of wheels may require some tweaking on the truck’s suspension.

Some larger models include the following:

  • 20-inch
  • 22-inch
  • 24-inch
  • 26-inch
  • and 28-inch

Seeing as how AFW was the first company to create dually pickup wheels in 2003, it’s fitting that they’re now the only company offering true dually wheels in the above-mentioned sizes. They offer 65 different designs for these dual wheels, and they’re available for a wide range of vehicles, including big rigs, mud-terrain, and all-terrain vehicles.

Construction and Safety

Each AFW product is designed by a team of experts, who work tirelessly to ensure each and every product is both durable and safe. The wheels and rims are constructed from new materials only, and all products are cut using the most innovative technology in precision CNC-machining.

This all leads to not only a stylish, highly specialized and sleek product, but also an incredibly safe, durable and long-lasting one as well. The company is constantly upgrading to the newest, most reliable materials and machines, allowing them to turn out the best market-leading products possible. Each AFW product delivers the perfect balance of safety, function, quality, and style.

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