Suspension Lift Kits

When you are riding in your favorite truck that is decked-out and jacked-up enough to impress everyone, the last thing you want to be doing is bouncing up and down like a jack-in-the-box due to poor suspension. As we all know, the better the suspension system on your vehicle, the more comfortable ride you’ll experience along the way. However, since most trucks are made to haul and tow big, heavy items, there are vast differences between the front and rear suspension systems. If you’re planning on having a new suspension lift kit installed on your truck, here are some top tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

Solid Front Axle

Firm and rugged, the solid front axle was only a few years ago considered the “it” suspension for trucks. However, as trucks have become mainstream vehicles for more and more drivers, these axles are now usually found primarily on heavy-duty trucks like a Ford F-250 or Ram 2500. But if you’ve got a truck you want primed for off-road excursions, this may still be the best suspension lift kit you can get. With a simple design featuring a “live” beam, you’ll reap such benefits as increased weight capacity and simple design with fewer parts.

Independent Front Suspension

As trucks have now replaced many sedans as the vehicle of choice for both men and women, many of today’s most popular trucks come from the factory equipped with independent front suspensions. Though primarily associated with trucks that are used for common city driving, an IFS is still considered to be very adaptable to off-road adventures. Known for being an excellent addition to any truck whose driver loves to put the accelerator to the floor while climbing steep hills and rocky roads, and IFS works well in these environments due to it not being prone to axle wrap.

Rear-End Suspension and the Middle Ages?

When we start discussing rear-end suspensions on today’s trucks, many people find it hard to believe we often talk about parts that essentially date back to the Middle Ages, but that is the case when discussing leaf springs. Since most of today’s light-duty and heavy-duty trucks feature leaf springs, they are considered essential elements of any truck suspension lift kit. Mounted to frames with hanger brackets, leaf springs attach to the axle with U-bolts. However, leaf springs can wear down over time, and often require what are known as Add-a-Leafs. Attaching to the existing springs, this help raise the truck back up to its original level.

Customizing Your VehicleRough Country

Should you have a truck you want to be customized in a manner that will stun everyone who views it, Rough Country truck suspension lift kits are a smart option. Along with giving your vehicle a smoother ride, the lift kit will also let your truck support larger tires as well as wheels. Thus, whether you are wanting to go off-road or just drive around your city in the best-looking truck you can possibly have, a lift-kit can help you do this and much more.

While there are many types of suspension lift kits, many people choose Rough Country lift kits for their vehicles. If you’re seeking ideas for your vehicle or want to make sure the job is done by experts, contact us here at Miami Power Wheels. A family-owned business for nearly 15 years, we offer excellent customer service, use only the best products on our customer’s vehicles, and provide professional results each and every time. When you’re ready to take your vehicle to the next level, let us at Miami Power Wheels do the job.

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