We know that you invested a lot of money into your new tires, and learning how to take care of them means you’ll save money, make them last much longer, and be safer, too. Here are some vital tire care tips that you can use for the life of your tires.

Proper Inflation Pressure

All of us hear it so often that it should be second-nature by now. Proper inflation is, by far, the most important single thing you can do for your tires and your safety. Not only does proper air pressure help with tire performance, but also when tires operate at max efficiency, that’s when they are the safest and most economical.

Checking air pressure in your tires is simple to do. First, pick up a decent digital air pressure gauge from your favorite auto parts store. Please read the directions and learn how to use it. Practice a few times so you can check the pressure quickly and accurately. After you’re comfortable with using the gauge, set yourself a monthly reminder to check your tires at least every month.

Always check your pressures when the tires are cold for the most accurate reading. If you check them right after driving, the air inside the tire heats up and won’t give you an accurate pressure reading. If the pressures are too low, or not within a pound or two of the recommended level, make sure your next step is to check all of them and fill them up as necessary.

Most newer cars have a sticker on or near the door jamb that shows tire sizes and recommended pressures for front and rear. Keep in mind that with today’s tires, it is almost impossible to inspect a tire for low air pressure visually. Don’t trust your eyes with this one. Instead, use the gauge to make sure.

Remember that uneven tire pressure or over/under the recommended level will affect the tire tread and cause rideability issues more often, leading to more unnecessary expenses.

Check for Even Tread Wear

We tend to forgo tread wear inspections probably because excessive tread wear patterns creep on us over time until one day, and we notice the little bars on our tire tread. All tires have tread wear indicators that look like short, smooth banks sitting inside the tire tread. They are visible when the tread depth wears down to 2/32”. That’s the minimum safe tire tread level for your tires.

If you see the indicators, immediately get to your tire store and replace your tires. The tread has reached the point where you can lose control on wet pavement or during a rainstorm. Breaking and steering are less reliable with bad tires, so be safe and either stop driving the car or get your tires replaced as soon as possible.

Always check your tires for uneven wear. Uneven wear on the front tires might indicate a rotation or balance error or a mechanical problem in the front-end. It pays to get to the bottom of this because it can get expensive if left unchecked, not to mention your safety, too. Ask your tire dealer about inspecting your tires so you won’t have to find out about your tires until it’s too late. Checking the tread takes only a few minutes and can save you a lot of hassle later.

Auto Care Wheels and TiresTo Sum Up, Follow These Auto Tire Care Tips Steps

Tire Pressure Check

Check your tire pressure every month, using your new digital air pressure gauge. It’s best to check pressures in the morning when your tires are cold. You can always have us take care of this, too. We’re glad to help.

Tire Rotation

Most tire manufacturers recommend having your tires rotated every 5,000 miles, and more often if you have high-performance tires on your vehicle. For the best tire care, we recommend a tire balance with your rotation.

Tire Tread Inspection

Take that few extra minutes and put your eyes on your tires and look for signs of unusual tread wear, paying attention to rounded edges on the front tires. Some wear here is normal, but it should be even and uniform. Please make a note of anything suspicious and let us know right away.

We hope that our tire care tips help with keeping your tires performing and looking their best. As always, we stand ready to assist you in any way.

Still, Have Auto Tire Care Tips Questions?

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