Car Window Tinting Benefits

There are many reasons why would someone want to get window film on their cars, we have come up with the top 7 reasons based on safety.  Besides the reasons why you should do it or not, the next topic will be tint shades and which brand is the best.   We will cover that in a future post but you should know that I highly recommend Suntek Films.  They have options for every use such as Ceramic, Carbon, Dyed Metal Dyed Charcoal, Mirror, and one of my favorites for the sun in Florida Clear tints.

1- Reduced Risk of Theft

A person has a wide range of shading to choose from when they decide to purchase window tinting for their vehicle. It will provide increased privacy for when they and their passengers travel down the road. Once their vehicle is parked, a driver can leave it and know that prying eyes won’t be able to see anything of value left inside. Installing window tint improves the look of a vehicle. It also provides peace of mind when it comes to protecting a vehicle’s contents and anyone inside the vehicle.

2- Reduced UV Radiation

The sun emits harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Car window tinting will block as much as 99 percent of these harmful UV rays. This is something that can accelerate the aging of a person’s skin, darkening of the skin, skin burns, as well as be a source of skin cancer. UV rays are accepted as a type of electromagnetic radiation. Anyone who is exposed to them for an extended period of time can experience damage to their skin. A light tint or even clear window film will provide a certain level of UV protection. This can block out UVA rays.

Research has been conducted that shows over 52 percent of people who have skin cancer have it located on the left side of their body. This is the driver’s side of a car. When people drive for an extended amount of time without any protection from the sun, they are putting themselves at risk. A proper window tint will provide important protection and provide a critical advantage to being safe against such a dangerous health hazard.

3- Protect Car Upholstery

A vehicle is a valuable asset. It is something people want to have last as long as possible. It is common for people to use a windshield sun protector when parking their car in the shade. This is an effective way to decrease any sun damage temporarily. The proper window tint can consistently block harsh sunshine. This will keep the interior of a car from warping and cracking. It is an effective way to keep a vehicle looking new for a longer time. Window tint also blocks windshield glare. This will lower eye fatigue experienced from bright nighttime headlights as well as direct sunlight.

4- Shatterproof Windows

With more than three-million non-fatal accidents occurring on U.S. roadways every year, window tint helps drivers protect themselves in the event of a collision. Window tinting aligns around the glass of the window. Upon impact, the glass will crumble rather than shatter, which can help reduce injuries.

5- Increased Privacy

Not only can window tinting reduce the risk of auto theft by adding more privacy to your vehicle, but it also ensures other people cannot see inside your vehicle. Many drivers enjoy maintaining low-profile lives. They’d rather other people not see inside of their car, even when doing nothing more than traveling from point A to point B. Window tint provides peace of mind to drivers that demand discretion and privacy wherever they go.

6- Improved Appearance

Our cars are important to us. We take great pride in our cars and want others to notice our efforts to keep the car looking its best. Window tinting creates a head-turning appearance on any vehicle make or model.  And yes impressing your friends is also important, a cool film will always be a conversational point.

7- Help With Solar Heat Rejection

It is common for a person to struggle to find the correct level of air conditioning that suits everyone in their vehicle. Having the proper window tint can help solve this problem. It depends on the grade of window film used. Automotive window film can block up to 65 percent of the solar heat trapped inside of a vehicle. Window tint can make it possible to balance the climate inside a vehicle. Everyone will be happy and fuel consumption will be less because the air conditioning won’t be used as much.

Having window tint helps with many things. The investment made in it can save a vehicle owner money and eliminate many types of inconveniences. Miami Power Wheels Auto shop knows how to do the job right. They will avoid cutouts along the edges as well as bubbles. The window tint they put on a vehicle is always done properly and professionally.

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