Custom Car Lighting Options and Why You Need Them

Have you ever tried to fumble with the radio in your vehicle on a dark road? It’s a dangerous thing, and the dash lights never seem to be bright enough in most vehicles to make a difference. Add to the fact that most traditional factory-installed lighting tends to be a little on the “vanilla” side, and your car is a moving, boring death trap lacking interesting and useful lighting.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Miami Power Wheels has some custom car lighting options that will blow you away. After you see what you can do with these lighting options, you may decide that some or all of them have to go into your car or truck. There are some valid reasons to get some of these interior and exterior lights too.

LED Dash Lights

Car manufacturers typically choose the least expensive lighting option where dash lights are concerned. In some cases, no lights are installed behind stereo systems or other in-dash components where the lights may be considered “unnecessary.” Having to see everything in your vehicle’s dash in the pitch-blackness of the night isn’t easy either. While you can see your driver’s dash for speed and mileage, you can’t see much else.

Install LED lights in key areas in the dash. LED lights burn brightest with the least amount of energy used and without blinding you. Tiny lights are designed for use behind dashboard components, and they are not difficult or costly to install, even as custom lighting. It will make all the difference in the world to see your entire dash in front of you at night.

Visor Lights and Floor Lights

Sometimes visor lights and floor lights are part of the “ambient lighting” packages you see offered by custom car service companies. We can install them as a package deal, or you can just buy the visor or floor lights. The visor lights provide more light to see maps, books, faces, etc., in low or no light. Floor lights allow you to see exactly what is on the floor of your car without fumbling around and trying to feel around in a very dark space.

This latter set of LED lights is especially useful when a snake or critter has found its way into your vehicle through an open window or door and decided to nap on the floor of your vehicle! You will see it with the floor lights before you accidentally put a body part too close. Floor lights help you spot things you have dropped onto the floor of the vehicle too.

Halo Rings for Super-Sporty Looks

Even if you don’t drive a Maserati or a Ferrari, you still want your vehicle to look sporty, and possibly expensive. To accomplish the look without the luxury car price, install halo rings. These can be installed over the back tail lights, exhaust pipes, front headlights, or anywhere else around light would look dramatic. Best of all, they look really cool.

The plasma gas used to charge these lights creates a variety of colors. Blue, red, white, and green are the most popular, but you can also get purple, bluish-white, and even rainbow. The rainbow ones are really hot right now because nobody can watch these halos change colors as a vehicle goes down the road and not stand there in awe of how that works.

Light Bars Everywhere

Light bars as runners under the side steps of your truck are pretty common. You can add them to the underside of any car too. Light bars are added to the grill, rear bumpers, above windows, along the sides of a vehicle (like racing stripes), and just about anywhere else a light bar will fit and operate. Single bars are pretty standard but don’t forget to check out your options with double light bars and triple light bars. The more light bars you have, the less likely someone can use the excuse that they didn’t see you coming.

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If you want more than one of the above lighting options, Miami Power Wheels can and will install these custom car lighting options for you. Contact us today to see what lighting options are available for your make and model of vehicle. We’d be thrilled to give you the most custom look possible for the best price in and around Miami. Don’t delay and your car customization done by the best in town.  To stay up to date with our promotions and auto showcase please follow us on Instagram.