It would be nice if choosing the best wheels for your truck was a simple task, but it isn’t. That’s okay though. There are a few things to consider to make this choice a little easier. The following are some tips to help guide you to the right truck wheels.

The Budget

The first thing you have to worry about is the budget. No one likes to think about the budget, but this is where you should start when you start looking for your truck’s new wheels. A lot of times people try to avoid this until the very end, but if you deal with your budget now, you’ll have an idea of what you can really afford.

Don’t think of your budget as a limitation. Think of it as an opportunity to eliminate choices. Having too many choices is a bit overwhelming. On top of that, having a budget in mind helps ensure you don’t end up with a financial-related headache instead of just some great wheels.

The Finish

You’ll want to think about the wheel’s finish. There are a lot of options for you, and it’s all up to your personal taste. There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re deciding on your finish, like which option will match your truck best.

The most common finishes on truck wheels include chrome and plain black. Chrome has been the trusted color for a long time, which could be a good thing, or maybe you think it’s too common. Black is the new kid on the block; it’s the color that people choose to stand out. You know you’ve seen this finish on wheels before, and you probably took notice. If this is what you want, then get that.

Choosing the Best Truck Wheels

How To Choose the Best Truck Wheels | Step by Step Guide (Video Version)

The Size

The size of the wheels should also be considered. You’ve got a truck, and that means it can handle some monster wheels. You can go up to 20″ if you want, which is pretty big. Of course, there are bigger ones like the 22″ wheels and the 24″ wheels though those are considerably large.

Wheels this large could compromise the quality of your ride, and you don’t want that. You could install new and upgraded parts that could handle these sizes, but that will require more cash. You should have an experienced auto specialist do the upgrade for you to ensure everything is done right. Big wheels look cool though, so the extra money for the upgrade is not so bad.

Consider Lifts

If you’re thinking about installing some lifts, then you need to factor that into your decision. The wheels you get have to match up with the lifts you’re thinking of installing. Keep in mind that suspension lifts are quite expensive because the labor is intense.

You don’t want to purchase tires that won’t match up well with your lifts. If you’re going to get lifts, ask an auto specialist what type of wheels you might need. You’ll probably get a range, which you can use to narrow down your choices even more. If you’re going to do this yourself, the lifts usually come with specs telling you everything you need to know to find your wheels.

Truck Wheels and Tires
Custom Truck Wheels

The Terrain

You’ll want to consider the terrain you want your tires to handle. One of the most sensible options is the all-terrain wheels, which should be able to handle anything you throw at them. They aren’t perfect, but they do pretty well during all seasons, and if you’re more of a city driver, then this is one of your best options.

Now, if you want something that looks tough and powerful, then you’re thinking of mud terrain wheels. These look like monsters, and the bigger they are, the better, but there’s an issue to keep in mind. These wheels will cause some significant road noise when you drive around, but if you go off road frequently, then this is the best option for you. They’ll give you more grip, and they’ll let you do all the things you love to do off road.

These are the things you have to consider before purchasing your next set of wheels for your truck, and if you follow these points, then you should land on the perfect wheels. Take your time as you browse for your new wheels, and be sure to read a few reviews so that you’re sure about your choice.

The Brands

Some of the most popular wheel brands in the market are:
  • American Force
  • Black Rhino
  • Ferrada
  • Fuel
  • Hostile
  • Tuff


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